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I’m sure you want to hear all about what I’m doing online in my different businesses, but first,  I’d like to share with you about who I am individually and my story of where I’ve been that lead me to where I am today.  So let’s get to answering, “Who is Stephanie Arwine?

Stephanie’s Story

I was born in San Antonio, Texas at Brooke’s Army Hospital. I quickly moved back to Honolulu, Hawaii where my father was stationed as a Navy lieutenant. After a brief two years of my young life, I moved back to my parents home in Floydada, Texas. Floydada is a very very small town in the Panhandle of Texas. Both my Father, Uncle, and Grandfather were pharmacists who owned their own stores.  “Arwine Drug”, ahhh those were the days.

My Mother died when I was but 13. I had a younger brother who was 4 at the time. My Dad, although I love him dearly, was not “parent material” and it was best for both my brother and me when he married again when I was 15. She had 3 children.  So 3 of us, plus the 4 of them became a family of seven. My new Mom was now burdened with children ranging from 6 to 15. I was, of course the perfect teenager (well, I really tried…LOL) and we never ever fought. ( you believe me right? 😉 )

Although my Dad is gone, and all us “kids” have children of our own, we remain close to this day.

My Daughter Julianne and me.

I spent most of my summers working at “the drug store”. I learned early how to sell to the locals. Most of it was practice, and most of the adults were just amused as they sipped their coffee or soda during their coffee breaks at the store.  But I believe that my drive to be self sufficient came from those roots and the roots of 3 generations of “owning their own business”. My leadership skills were further honed while being drum major at my small town high school.

Started My Career In Education

I did just ok in school, especially during my High School years. When it came time to decide on my career I decided on Music Education. I wanted to be a Band Director.  In the end I decided to go with Music/Education and do my music as a hobby.

Fay Winchell and Stephanie Arwine

Fay Winchell and Stephanie Arwine

I completed my Bachelors in Music Education at Abilene Christian University. During the summers I worked at our local Girl Scout Camp. The First two years were as a unit counselor and then I went on to teach swimming and sail boating.

After completing my Bachelors, I moved to Dallas while completing my Masters in Education Administration.

I have one beautiful daughter Julianne and a partner that “gets me” more than I get myself. I am blessed.

Pest Control

After several years of trying to work in my “chosen” field, I became more and more dissatisfied. I think mostly because I wasn’t my own boss. I felt as if I had few choices in my life and learned that I really do not like alarm clocks.  I found, quite by accident, the Pest Control Industry. I still had a boss, I still had an alarm clock, but I could work outside, not in an office, and learned how to sell. Increasing my skill set with each sale.

After only 3 years, and having businesses that I was working for being sold. I decided to open up my own Pest Control business. FINALLY, I had my own business, I was the boss, and I could build an empire. I worked on my business for 15+ years.

Five years ago, I wanted to learn more. I really was not looking for passive income. I was looking for a way to market my Pest Business Online.

The Start of Online Marketing

While searching YouTube for ways to market my Pest Business, I stumbled upon a little video about a FREE PRODUCT whereby I could make passive income. “Passive Income,” I thought. “What is that?”

As luck would have it, that video was created by Chuck Boulais who introduced me to the word of network marketing.  I quickly took to blogging and making videos because I love reaching out and helping other people achieve their dreams.  Starting originally with Instant Payday Network, then adding Empower Network, I grew my online marketing business and under the mentorship of Chuck and his team members I started to brand myself.

Then days before New Years’ Eve 2015 I met Ari Maccabi.  He was about to launch Black Ops Marketing.  With the combination of  Ari’s additional mentorship, and with the vast amounts of advanced online marketing training within Black Ops Marketing, I rapidly expanded my online business.  I also paid for a lot of additional training and mentoring to help continually improve my skills.  I now have a complete package, from tons of training material to tools, I can offer you if you give us the opportunity to be your mentors.

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I look forward to an amazing future together.

What I Bring To The Table

Over the years, I’ve gained a LOT of experience that I now use to help my consulting clients with:      

  • education administration; masters degree
  • therapeutic recreation advanced degree
  • director consultant BNI, the world’s largest referral organization
  • CEO of Lawn and Pest Business for 15+ years
  • Digital Marketing Consultant 3 years
  • Blog Content Writer for local businesses’
  • Web Design/Development Social Media Manager for Women in Networking
  • expert at SEO (search engine optimization)
  • master at social media marketing



By the way, if you need help in getting traffic to your website (or even designing your website) then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options I offer.

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I look forward to an amazing future together.

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