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I don’t recommend many products quite frankly. I stay away from most. I do many make money from home product reviews, and try to do my due diligence before recommending them.

There are several Rev Share products out there. Unfortunately because of the way they have been created, they fail when the market slows down, members stop buying advertising, rev share companies begin to struggle to pay out. They can be compared to Ponzi Schemes. The only way to get paid is for more people to become active.

Future Adpro is different by design. This company, based in Poland, doesn’t rely on members purchasing ad packs in order to pay on return. They offer so many different products and services and encourage their members to not only advertise their own products, but to go outside of the internet and sell advertising to brick and mortar and/or other services business here on Future Adpro.

Watch the video for more on how this works.

For more information on how to market any business with Youtube, check out my training website:


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