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There’s a ton of different things you can base your videos on to get traffic, but this course focuses on using product review videos…basically because they’re so easy to do and can generate a lot of traffic and leads for you in a short space of time, if you do it right…

video marketing content tipsOther things you can do include:

  • training videos
  • income proof videos
  • videos targeting specific “evergreen” keyword phrases (things that people are always searching for information about online)

That said though, no matter what type of video you’re recording, the same principles apply…

What To Say In Your Review Videos

If you’ve never recorded a review video before and you’re stuck for what to say, one way to get ideas is just doing a simple YouTube search for reviews of the product you want your video to be about. Watch a few of the top results to get a feel for how other people present their reviews.

Here are a few simple but important guidelines:

1. Make It Relevant

If someone finds your review through a Google or YouTube search, it means they’re looking for information about that product.

If you ignore that product completely and just launch straight into a sales pitch for your own business, (a) it’ll make you look pretty stupid and (b) that person will click away from your video and possibly even make a complaint which could result in your video and/or your entire account being flagged or suspended by YouTube!

So do a bit of research on the product (as explained in the first video of the JTS course, you can usually get some useful information from the product’s JV/affiliate page, or even ask the product creator for a free demo copy to try out for a few days) and tell people what you’ve learned about it before you start talking about your own business or opportunity.

Obvious, right?

2. Make It Honest

This probably goes without saying but you don’t want to just make up a fictional story about the product you’re talking about in your video! If you’re giving an opinion on the product, just explain it’s your personal opinion and why.

3. Avoid The “Scam” Label

Although there are certainly plenty of over-hyped products being promoted online using misleading sales tactics, many of them failing to deliver the sort of results they claim to “guarantee”, it’s more effective to point out these inconsistencies and let people make their own mind up than to label things as “scams”.

avoid the scam labelEven if you’re using the word “scam” in your video title or keywords to capture search traffic (more on that later in the course), badmouthing products is unprofessional and can end up with YouTube removing your video or even suspending your channel.

Especially avoid using the word “scam” in your YouTube Description…even if the product you’re reviewing smells as fishy as a trout farmer’s wellies, you’re better off just presenting the facts and letting people judge for themselves.

4. Tell Your Own Story

As well as giving your viewers some information about the product they’re interested in, you want them to be able to relate to you and your story – don’t overdo it but a few words about who you are and what you do, any struggles you may have had etc, will help you to engage your audience.

Facts tell, stories sell…

5. Outline The Key Benefits Of Your Business

You don’t need to go into too much detail here but have a think about what the main benefits of your business or opportunity are – the things that will address a particular problem or pain that your viewers have – and outline them in your video.

Remember, people watching your video aren’t interested in all the features of your opportunity at this stage, so no matter how awesome you think the compensation plan is, or how fast your company is growing, no-one really cares! All they want to know about is how it can help them.

6. Include A Call To Action!

Most important of all, you need to tell people to check out your business by including a “Call To Action” at least 2 or 3 times in your video – at the beginning, in the middle and at the end.
This could be as subtle as telling people your name and web address, or more direct by telling them to click on your link to get more information.

You basically need to make sure they know that they need to click on your link.

7. Watermark Your Videos

Including your web address as a watermark throughout your videos not only helps with your branding and protects you if people start scraping your videos to use themselves, but also acts as a constant Call To Action during your video.

You can do this by putting it on all of your slides if you’re using a slideshow presentation, or you can use a piece of video editing software like Camtasia.

You can also add your web address to your video by using YouTube Annotations, which allow you to make links inside your videos that are clickable, so that people are directed straight to your site.

Clickable YouTube annotations are covered later in this course.






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