Video Recording Basics

If you’ve never recorded a marketing video before, the idea can be a bit daunting at first – but it doesn’t have to be…

Remember – YOU’RE in control and can record as many takes as you like until you’re happy with the result!

how to record a marketing videoIf you’re uncomfortable speaking in front of a camera you can even just do a simple slideshow for your first few videos and read from a script that you’ve prepared in advance.

There’s nothing wrong with that…loads of successful marketers do it!

Bear in mind though that it’s always useful to get over any fears you might have of speaking on camera – people buy from people…and it’s a lot easier for people to relate to you if they can see your face.

That said, there are some useful tools you can use when you’re recording your first videos…

Free Screen Capture Software

If you’re recording a slideshow, or you want to show your audience whatever’s on your screen (e.g. a web page), you’ll need a way to record what’s on your  screen.

Screencast-o-matic is a great free piece of software which gives you various ways to record your screen. You can use it directly from the site or, better still, download it free of charge to your desktop.

Screencast-o-matic lets you decide what part of your screen to record and then save the recording to your hard drive as an mp4 movie file that you can then upload pretty much anywhere.

The free version allows you to record up to 15 minutes at a time and adds the Screencast-o-matic watermark onto videos when they’re published.

If you want to be able to record videos that last longer than 15 minutes, or you want to remove the Screencast-o-matic logo from your videos, or use any of the extra features like:

  • adding text to your videos
  • including your own watermark
  • adding a blur effect to cover up any sensitive information on your screen
  • making recordings where you can use a webcam as well as showing your screen

…it only costs $15/year to upgrade to the paid version.

Slideshow Software

free slideshow softwareIf you want to record a slideshow rather than speak in front of a camera, most computers these days come with free slideshow
presentation software included.

If you use a Windows PC, Powerpoint comes as part of Microsoft Office.

If you’re a Mac user, you can usually download Keynote free of charge from the Apple Store.

If you don’t already have any slideshow software, you can also go to Filehippo where you can get a free download of Open Office which includes a slideshow presentation app.

Alternatively, Camtasia is an awesome piece of software which combines both screen capture and slideshow capabilities, not to mention a ton of very cool design functions…there’s pretty much nothing you can’t do with Camtasia

should you show your face in marketing videosTIP – one thing to bear in mind if you’re recording a slideshow, which will significantly improve your results, is that people still like to see who’s talking to them…so you’ll want to include a decent-sized photo of yourself on your first slide, along with your name and web address. Who would YOU rather work with…someone you’ve never seen or someone who you’ve at least seen a picture of?

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