Getting Your Posts Indexed By The Search Engines

Once you’ve published your blog post, you’ll want to make sure that it gets indexed by the search engines, i.e. that the search engines’ bots or “spiders” find it and add it to their index…if your posts aren’t getting indexed, any backlinks you’ve built into them won’t be found and will have no effect.

submit url to google and bingA quick way to check if your post has been indexed by, say Google for example, is to just paste the URL of your post (the post’s “permalink”) into the Google search bar and see if your post appears in the search results.

Another way is to type “info:” followed by your permalink (with no spaces, e.g. info:

If your post doesn’t appear in the results, you know it hasn’t been indexed (yet).

Indexing can take anything from a couple of minutes to several days if you leave it purely to the search engines, so you can speed it up by manually by submitting the URL’s of your posts directly to the search engines via their Webmaster Tools pages…

Here’s how to submit a URL to Google and Bing:

Although the search engines do have a disclaimer saying there’s no guarantee that this will get your posts indexed faster, in most cases it does.




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