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Power Lead System (PLS) is the system we use for multiple purposes. Primarily to copy and share entire sales funnels with everyone else. So web pages and email sequences can be created inside the PLS page builder, then shared with others by giving out the share code. All Yellow Brick Road sales funnels are inside Power Lead System.


Click here for info and tutorials on PLS share codes.


PLS is an essential tool to fully utilize the Yellow Brick Road game plans. Your prospects will join your business after between the 5th and 12th communication they actually take the time to look at. So you need a way of automatically following up with these people. Power Lead System allows us to plug in a ready-to-go sales funnel quickly.

It’s $30/month plus an affiliate option for a further a$17.95/month but offer an awesome affiliate program to allow users to earn residual income on top of bonus commissions. They pay every Wednesday like clockwork.


Power Lead System Comp Plan

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