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Here at Journey to Success marketing, I like to tell it how it is, and I know it can be extremely hard to get started to make money online.

If you don’t have a mentor of some sort from the beginning you need to be lucky enough to be looking in the right place, learning the right things. And learning takes the most amount of mental energy, so make sure you’re not wasting your time doing it.

That is what it’s going to take for you to reach five and six figures a month, LEARNING. The richest man in the world once told a 12 year old boy, quite simply, “the more you learn, the more you earn”.

But you can’t learn all the knowledge in the world before you take any action! Which is what we’ve seen many people try to do. Don’t do that. It’s far better learning small things at a time, then having the conviction to put it into practice… because guess what? This is the most important part of your learning – testing things, checking the results and working to improve them.

Never stop learning. Never stop putting what you’ve learned into practice. Believe in yourself and remove “quit” from your vocabulary. Fair enough, you’ll get disheartened and even angry at times, it’s the nature of working for yourself on the internet…. but never even consider quitting for one second.

It’s only difficult while you’re learning A LOT, which is in the beginning. Learning becomes a lot easier when your understanding of the whole internet marketing world improves, and it will.

So where do we go to learn about making money online while having an opportunity to make money at the same time? The businesses below are the best online systems we know of which will do these two things.

They are hand picked and all have excellent, but very different reasons to join:

Journey To Success System#1 recommendation

My very own funnel created in Power Lead System, is truly one of the easiest strategies you’ll find online for not only earning online income, but scaling up your online income to huge, life changing levels.

There are people using this Power Lead System/Future Adpro focused strategy, withdrawing more than $1000 per day, putting it straight into their own pockets. The most successful people online, who do NOT own powerhouse web sites getting thousands of daily visitors, use this simple strategy to earn 6 figures a month.

It’s unlike other strategies such as ranking content in search engines, where no one is giving all of their secrets away. With a strategy involving paid traffic, there’s really no reason for anyone to hold any information back.

Our funnel could not be simpler to use. We’ve laid out, in step by step video tutorials, exactly what the strategy involves, how to set up your own funnel with your own affiliate/referral links and get going, growing a staggering revenue stream and online business with unlimited traffic.

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Future Adpro    

FutureNet became famous when news about the creation new RevenueShare platform came out!
Future AdPro is the advertising platform, and FutureNet is the social side (like FaceBook on steroids). Since  the very beginning Future AdPro is supported with its own social media site, which gives a huge advantage over other rev share programs in the market place.
It is the world’s first RevShare, which has own platform.  In Future AdPro you are buying advertisement packages (called “AdPack”). One AdPack costs $50 and generates 120% (60$) .
Our packages grows and we get 1% profit everyday . Every 15 minutes you can see how your balance increasing!

Also, the company rewards users who actively helps to develop the platform and pays for referring to others.
In this case, we earn up to 5 levels deep of referrals!
To receive commissions on all levels you must buy subscription!








Power Lead System

The Power Lead System hosts a marketing system platform that provides marketing tools for online marketers.We also offer an affiliate program where affiliates can earn commissions off the sales of our products.

The Power Lead System pays a commission on product sales, not on recruiting.

Power Lead system does not guarantee that you will make any money from your use or promotion of our products and services.

The Power Lead System was built with the goal of helping you make more money in your existing business, by giving you tools, training, and systems.








E-Digital Wealth

E-Digital Wealth is an E-Learning course that teaches marketing, traffic and access to two 7 Figure Earners in the “make money from home niche”.  For every $100 product that you sell, you, the affiliate, are paid $50. With the pass-ups that are included, the affiliate receives to unlimited depth that same $50 on the second, 4th and every 5th pass up. This goes to infinity.

The million dollar mindset, which is included, has a retail value of $3,000. For a limited time (at the time of this article) it is included with the sign-up. Not certain as to how long this promotion will last.

E-Digital Wealth also has a $500 learning product that also, at the time of this article, is included. That is subject to change.



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 Four Corners Alliance

A popular online business mainly because of how easy it is to accumulate referrals. With a one time $18 out of pocket cost, with no subscription fees, it’s easy to see why people find this opportunity so appealing.

4 Corners uses a 4×6 “forced matrix”, meaning you can only have four people directly in your down line. Then, once those spots are filled, any new people you sponsor are then forced into someone else’s down line below you. So it pays to have the business builders at the top of the line.

It’s recommended to watch the compensation plan video to gain a better understanding of how the whole matrix works, as there are multiple levels of income which can increase dramatically over time into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Payouts are weekly and, with such a low investment, a lot of people can easily afford to buy into it so it’s worth joining for that reason alone.





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