How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel

Before you start uploading your videos, you’ll want to set up your channel properly. As well as unlocking certain features which will help your videos to rank and convert better, this will reinforce your brand and also help protect your channel from appearing spammy which can result in it being flagged or even removed.

The following steps run through the basic things you need to do…

How To Verify Your YouTube Channel

Once you’ve created your channel, click on the “Channel” link on the left hand menu. Then, under “Account Status” on the right, just click the button that says “Verify” and enter your country of residence and telephone number. The system will then send you a 6 digit verification code to your phone, which you need to enter into the box provided.How to verify youtube channel

Once you’ve done this, your channel will be officially Verified, allowing you to do some cool stuff like adding Custom Thumbnails to your videos, which will help you set yourself apart from your competition, reinforce your brand and get more views for your videos.

How To Add An Associated Website To Your YouTube Channel

This is one reason why having your own domain comes in handy. Associating your domain to your channel will allow you to put links that show up inside your videos which people can click to go to your page.How to add associated website to youtube channel

NOTE: your channel needs to be Verified before you can add an Associated Website so, if you haven’t completed the step above, you’ll need to do that first.

Under the “Channel” section in the left-hand menu, click “Advanced” and then scroll down to where it says “Associated Website”. Enter your domain name and click “Add”. A button saying “Pending” will appear and, underneath, a message with a link to click to verify that you own the domain.

Once you’ve clicked the “verify” link, choose your domain name provider from the drop-down menu and click “Verify”, then sign in to your domain provider account in the pop-up box that appears.

You’ll then be asked to “Confirm Access” by clicking the “Accept” button. Once you’ve done that, a message will appear confirming that you’ve successfully associated your domain to your channel.

How To Add A Subscribe Button To YouTube Videos

To encourage more people to subscribe to your channel you can add a clickable “Branding Watermark” which
will appear on all of your videos.

How to add a subscribe button to youtube videosIn the Channel section of the left-hand menu, click “Branding”
and upload the image you want to use. The image needs to be
transparent so, if you don’t already have a transparent picture available, you can use a program like – it’s free and there are several tutorials on how to use it here on this site.

Once you’ve uploaded your transparent image, you can choose when and where you want this watermark to appear on your videos.

How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel Profile

Having a completed profile on your YouTube channel has several benefits:

1. Helps you get more subscribers – the more subscribers you’ve got, the more authority your channel will have in the eyes of the search engines, which in turn means that they’ll tend to rank your videos higher.

2. Helps improve conversion rates – if people can see that you’re a real person, they’re more likely to trust you and check out your business.

3. Helps protect your channel – if anyone ever decides to flag one of your videos for whatever reason, your channel is far less likely to be penalized if you’ve filled out your profile, as it shows YouTube that it’s a legitimate channel.

To set up your profile, click the grid button next to the YouTube icon in the top left corner of your screen and select the “My Channel” option.

This will take you to the Home section of your profile where you can upload Channel Art (an image to represent your channel) and a photo of yourself (use a close-up picture so people can see your face).

Next, underneath the Home tab, click the “For new visitors” tab.

Here you can upload a short Channel Trailer – this is a great opportunity to welcome visitors to your channel, show them the real you, tell them about your business and get them to subscribe to your channel.

Finally, if you go to the “About” tab, you can then write a short description of your channel and add the link that you want to promote.

By completing all of these basic steps you’ll already have set yourself apart from 95% of other video marketers and will have a channel that will work hard to build your business for you over the months and years to come.

We’ll also be covering some more things you can do to improve your channel’s performance in Section 4 of this course.

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