Off-Page SEO Basics

When search engines are deciding how high to rank a page for a certain keyword, as well as looking at its content, i.e. what’s actually on that page, they also look at several factors off the page to determine how relevant and how important that page is.

These factors include:

  • how does google rank pagesQuality, relevance and quantity of backlinks (links from other pages on the internet that point to that page): if a page (or video) has links pointing to it from other sites, these act like “votes” for that page.

The higher the authority of these other sites, and the more relevant they are to the content of the page, the more weight these votes carry in boosting that page in the search engine results (SERPs).

  • Level of social engagement: search engines like Google also look at things like how many times your page/video has been shared to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc, since this gives them an indication of how engaging your content is to the public. The more shares your video has, the more important the search engines will think it is…and so the higher they will rank it in the search results.

There are plenty of other factors as well, including the length of time your visitors spend on your page/video, the percentage of people who actually click on your video when it shows up in the search results etc…

But to keep things simple, for the purposes of this Journey to Success course we’ll be concentrating on the two main ones above.

In the next few videos we’ll be showing a variety of high authority sites where you can place backlinks to your videos, social media platforms and Web 2.0 sites where you can embed them, and how to go about it to get the best results.




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