What Is Article Spinning and Spin Syntax?

Spin Syntax (or “Spintax”) is a form of text formatting which includes multiple synonyms for many of the words or phrases within an article.

An article written in spintax is copied into a piece of spinning software which then produces virtually unlimited, unique variations of the article, each saying the same thing but with slightly different wording.

For example, here is a sentence written in normal English and then in spin syntax:

How does article spinning work

Normal: I love motorbikes because they go fast.
Spintax: I {love|really like|dig} {motorbikes|motorcycles} {because|since|as} they {go|are} {fast|super-fast}.

Notice the curly brackets that surround the synonyms and the vertical lines that separate them.

If you were to enter the spintax version into an article spinner, like the free one provided at EZ Article Link for example, two versions that come out might be:

1. I really like motorcycles since they are super-fast.

2. I dig motorbikes because they go fast.

Get the idea?

What’s the point of spinning articles?

The benefit of article spinning is that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube etc favor unique content and penalize you if you’re posting duplicate material all over the internet by ranking your content lower in the search results.

Spinning your content allows you to post unique articles in numerous places (blogs, social media etc) to create backlinks to your site and improve its ranking in the search results without being penalized – don’t worry if this is all new to you, this is covered in detail later on in the JTS video ranking course as well as other parts of the JTS site.

For now, just bear in mind that article spinning can drastically improve your video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and help rank your videos higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

TIP – There are plenty of spinning software programs out there which can not only take your spin syntax and spit out different versions of it, but also create the spintax itself from the seed article you provide…but we have yet to find one (free OR paid) that actually produces results that make any sense to anyone who speaks English! If possible, it’s worth taking the extra time out to write the spintax version of your content yourself.

NOTE: If you’re reading this and you know of any spinning software Best article spinning softwareBest article spinning softwarethat actually DOES produce articles that don’t look like they’ve been written by a 2 year old chimpanzee, please let us know! ?

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