What Is The Best Platform for Social Media Engagement



Are you looking for the best social media platform to get the most social media engagement?

Instagram has been the forerunner for quite a long time, but trends can always change.

That’s why I did some research to see what gets the best social media engagement, and now I want to share that with you.

What Gets The Best Social Media Engagement

Overall Trend

Social media engagement has been changing other the past couple years.  While Instagram is still the leader, other social media platforms are getting more engagement.

Social media engagement is important because it affects how many people see your content.  The more likes, comments, and shares you get… the better the reach of your content.  And the more reach you have with your content, the better the results for your social media marketing effort.

That means its important to stay on top of latest trends for social media engagement.


Instagram has had the largest social media engagement vs other social media platforms.  That is still true in 2014 and 2015, and that isn’t expect to change soon.

Even though social media engagement may have dropped by almost 50%, it is still very relevant.

If you have any visual elements to you business (where you can use pictures to help promote your brand) then you should seriously consider using marketing on Instagram.




It is interesting to note that Facebook social media engagement has more than doubled from 2014 to 2015.  I hadn’t expected to see that.

Facebook is now clearly in second place for social media engagement.  That means that it really needs to be taking seriously for any online marketing.  If you have been putting off using Facebook then you really need to reconsider.


Twitter has always been part of the three “power” social media platforms I recommend (with Facebook and Instagram).  In my opinion, Twitter can be very good for niche marketing.  I’m not concerned with the slight drop in social media engagement… it is still a platform I recommend.  You can overcome the less engagement by tweeting more frequently and using appropriate hashtags.


Pinterest has not been a platform I have recommended in the past.  It works really well for some niches, but generally its not going to have the same results as my top three picks.

And now that Pinterest social media engagement has dropped by more than half, I’m even less interested in recommending it.


It is good to maintain a LinkedIn account for you if for any reason other than the pages rank pretty easily in Google.  Linked also helps establish you as a professional.  It’s good to maintain an account, but I personally don’t spend a lot of time with my account.


I saved Google+ for the end… There are conflicting stories on whether Google+ is growing, or being phased out.  The only big benefit (in my opinion) to Google+ is that your Google+ followers are more likely to find your content in Google searches.  That’s about it… so post links to your content on Google+.

Final Thoughts On Social Media Engagement

Keep on top of the trends for social media engagement.  It’s an important thing to watch for, especially if you have to be careful of where you spend your limited time and resources.  Hit my big three social media platforms and you should be doing fine.

Now if you want help in building up the following for your social media accounts (or really any social media account), feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different options we offer.


And always keep in mind… have fun!



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