Game Loot Network? A Scam or Legit?

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Are you CRAZY?

You mean you HAVEN’T heard more about this??!!!!! The mobile gaming industry is worth 40 billion dollars and Game Loot is going to be right at the top of the tree!

Game Loot Network is a new network marketing company that give you the opportunity of earning money by playing the games provided by Game Loot Studios.

Have I got YOUR attention??

You won’t only get paid for referring people to play and use the games, but also people that they refer to the games and the business opportunity!

When you join Game Loot Network as an Affiliate you will become a Game Ambassador. By sharing Game Loot’s games with your friends and social media contacts, you will build a team inside of Game Loot Network. Game Loot tokens can be purchased and they work in all of the Game Loot games giving you access to additional features and special items.

When anyone of your people (or your people’s people) buy tokens you will receive commissions.

How EASY is that?!

In addition you can earn when people play a mobile game on their phone! How mad is that? I’ve heard of nothing that comes close to this! And can see why the momentum of this company right now is absolutely BONKERS!

The most AMAZING thing about the Game Loot compensation plan is that you only need to get 3 personal Game Ambassadors, no matter what rank you are at! Then anyone else goes to your team members, so even if they have no experience in network marketing, they are going to succeed, because there’ll be all the extra people that are wanting to join the people above them. Those people already have their 3, so the new recruits get passed down!

And not just as spillover, as proper personal sign-ups! Have you heard anything like it! So once you have your 3, you can work with your team members to get their 3, and so the momentum begins, and grows, and EXPLODES!! This really is the easiest MLM company I’ve ever come across and literally takes network marketing to a new level.

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