How to Pick a Niche For Your Business Instagram Account


Are you looking to use your Instagram account to get you lead and sales for your business?

I know when I started using Instagram for my business, I had little in the way of success with my account.  I posted to my account and thought everything was going good, but the account following didn’t grow very fast…

That was until I started focusing on using niche advertising.  Once I figured out how to properly use niche advertising, our Instagram accounts grow and so did our sales.

That’s why today I want to talk about niche advertising and how to pick a niche for Instagram.

Niche Advertising: How to Pick a Niche for Instagram

When you pick a niche for your Instagram account you can begin attracted a specific audience that will follow you.

Examples of Niche Adverting

The following are great examples of using a niche for target marketing:


Why Use Niche Marketing?

You may be thinking, “why use niche marketing?”

I like to use the analogy of a big superstore like Walmart vs. Autozone… if you were looking for specific information or parts for your car which one would you choose?  Most likely you would choose Autozone because they would be more knowledgeable and would have the parts you are looking for.

Or if you were really interested in a raw food recipe would you look for a generic website on cooking or would you go looking for a raw food recipe site?  That answer is pretty obvious too.

I can go on and on with examples… the fact is that you will develop a stronger following if you use a more narrowly focused niche for your Instagram account than if you account is more broad.  With the recent updates to the Instagram account, you can now register a couple accounts on your phone and be able to bounce between them.  That means it is easier to manage multiple accounts that each focus on a specific niche.

How to Pick A Niche for Instagram

Picking a niche for your Instagram account isn’t very difficult.  The recommendation I give our clients is to pick something they are passionate about.  Think of something that you love to talk about, share, or do… and create an account around that.  It can be baking, auto repair, hiking, photography, etc…

Then try to narrow it down some more.

  • Instead of baking you can do cakes.
  • Instead of auto repair you can do auto repair of 1970’s hot rods.
  • Instead of hiking you can do long trip backpacking.
  • Instead of photography you can do sunsets.

Remember you can create a few accounts so take advantage of that if you have more you want to do.  Just make sure that when you narrow your account down that you can still come up with enough content for that account that you can post hundreds of different pictures to it over time.

Final Thoughts On How to Use Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is very powerful.  It will help you develop a strong following.  Follow our tips on niche advertising with Instagram and you’ll have more success with your accounts.

I also offer an Instagram marketing service if you need help in building up your Instagram account. You can contact me here to learn more.

If you want help in building up your social media accounts, feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different options we offer.

And keep in mind… have fun!


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