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From the desk of Stephanie Arwine, Neosho, MO

Can I Ask You A Personal Question? When was the last time you had momentum?

If you’re like most network marketers I talk with, it was far too long ago.

I also talk with plenty of people who’ve NEVER had momentum.

And it’s heartbreaking. I just hate to see people struggling, doubting themselves, and on the verge of giving up hope… hope in their business, hope in their future, and hope of achieving financial freedom.

All because they were never taught effective ways of prospecting, recruiting, and growing a large business.

Listen. All of that ends today, right now, on this page. Because you’re about to discover…

How You Can Start Signing Up More Reps Than Ever Before, Using Our Proven Prospecting & Recruiting Strategies


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I didn't think it could come true.. I feel like I am living a dream. Business is finally coming my way. Thank you so so much.
Rebecca M
Internet Marketer
Not sure my simple words can express how I feel. I have been working as an internet marketer for several years and failing miserably. This simple Video Momentum Strategy has allowed me for the first time to have paid sign ups. Thanks
Paul B
Affiliate Marketer
I haven't even finished the first two videos and already see how I can go back to my other videos and edit them for more sales. Great stuff. Can't wait to watch more. Only works when you take action.
Josh R
OMG I got my first $500 sale! I have been doing everything the "Gurus" have been spouting for the past two years and have spent more than I have made. What a great concept this Video Momentum plan is. If you haven't gotten started what are you waiting for?
Blog Image Post 02
David S

The Story (Why?)

For almost a decade, I have fought for and supported the frustrated network marketer. The men and women who strive for greatness, innovation, and the use of modern techniques…

…but still seem to fall short.

 And the truth is, for most network marketers it’s not your fault. There are many leaders and trainers out there that are, quite frankly, teaching social media the wrong way… in ways that will never work for the person trying to have momentum.
For years, we have pioneered the movement towards BETTER social media practices… BETTER marketing methods… and BETTER relationship building…
And while our voices have been heard by many… there are still countless millions who need our help.

Are You Ready for A Change?

Will you stand with me and work diligently to improve the network marketing profession? 
Will you share and implement the RIGHT social media & promotional techniques that position YOU as an expert, a professional, an agent of change?”
Will you pledge to do your best to, not only build momentum in your company… but to help as many of your teammates do the same as well?
Continue onward and read this page to find out what being a member of Momentum Academy is all about… and why this can be such a game-changer for you…

••• The Manifesto •••


A Momentum Maker is a “different” type of network marketer. They are the MODERN Network Marketers who work with the driven & hungry, and don’t waste time with skeptics or those cynical towards the profession.
Momentum Makers raise the entire vibration of the network marketing profession and serve as role models for everyone else.
A Momentum Maker is someone of value who knows that ‘the more you give the more you get’ and always puts their relationships first.
A Momentum Maker unites both online and offline strategies together, to grow their team, and helps their people do the same.
Momentum Makers shatter the “status quo” and wage war against poor social media tactics, hype-marketing, spamming, and company bashing.
Their mission is to create a safe place to learn and practice the RIGHT way to market and conduct your business on social media and everywhere else.
Momentum Makers understand that leading with value is what works online, not leading with just what you have for sale or your company opportunity or product, EVEN if not everyone around them agrees.
  • ​Triumph Over Adversity.
  •  Forge Their Financial Destiny.
  •  Shape Their Future.
  •  Inspire Their Teams.
Momentum Makers are THE NEW breed of network marketing super stars.​ 






What You’ll Learn In This Video Marketing Course!


“How to Set Up Your YouTube Channel for Best Optimization and Traffic”


“On Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) “


“How to Create Evergreen Content”


“How to Create a Successful Online Marketing Strategy”

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