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I’m sure you want to hear all about Journey to Success Coaching and everything that I do, but first, I’d like to share with you about who I am individually and my story of where I’ve been that lead me to where I am today.  So let’s get to answering, “Who is Stephanie Arwine?


My Story


I was born in San Antonio, Texas at the Brooke’s Army Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. My Dad was a Navy Lt stationed in Hawaii during the Korean conflict. Both my parents were from Texas, and Mom lived in New Braunfels, Texas. Hence, when it was time for me to arrive, Mom had me in the closest military hospital near her home town.

Although born in Texas, my first two years were spent in Hawaii. Of which, I have absolutely no memory of.  (sad tears)

My family then moved back to my Dad’s home town of Floydada, Texas (population under 5,000) and began his career alongside his Dad, and older brother, as a pharmacist. There I remained until college. 

In High School, I found a passion in music. I played both flute, saxophone, and dabbled at the bassoon. I was determined that I was going to go to college, graduate as a music major, come back and take my small town band to sweepstakes.

Alas, fate had other plans. Although both of my parents were graduates of the great University of Texas, I felt that school was just too big for me. So I decided to go to a smaller school with a friend of mine… Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas.

Then, during my senior year, when it was time to prepare for that mandatory 1 hour solo recital (required of all music majors), I realized I just couldn’t do it. I reached out to my advisor for an alternative. There was none. So.. middle of my senior year, I switched majors… I finished school with a BS in Recreation/Music and a minor in Education. My dreams of becoming a band director were waining. I just didn’t cut it. 

Over the years, I had various “careers”. I work for some time in the Recreation sector. Found I really didn’t like working week-ends, nights, and every holiday. I worked as a supervisor in a “call room”. Yes, the kind where people called us for any type of problem, we were to listen politely and attempt to redirect them to help them with their issues. It was there that I connected with some of the computer guys and began to learn about power point and all types of other apps that were foreign to me. Keep in mind that we didn’t have near the “cool” apps that we have now.

Along the way, I stumbled onto a career in Pest Control. I know, not even close to where I started, but where my true beginning starts.

Started My Career In Pest Control

I was tired of working inside. I was tired of always having a boss looking over my shoulders. Perhaps,  just perhaps, I was subconsciously looking to own my own business. But, I didn’t know it at the time, wouldn’t even know how to start anyway. 

I did work for a pest control company for three years before the owner, also self made businessman, decided to sell his business. He saw something that I didn’t see in myself. Before the business sold, he pulled me aside and began to mentor me on starting my own pest business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his mentorship.

Starting up My Own Shop


In 2002, I started up my very own Pest business. It was scary. No back up, No big investments to keep me afloat. Nope. None of that. I started from scratch with used equipment that I had purchased from my mentor, and my two feet to start knocking on doors.

Back then, social media marketing was not that big. I was told to put out door hangers. My previous boss had deep pockets and could order and hire people to put those door hangers out. I had neither. So I printed from my computer at home, a few hundred at a time, and 2-3 days a week I was walking up and down neighborhoods hanging flyers on doors.

My next step in marketing was to join a local (or so I thought) networking group called BNI. I later learned that this was one of the largest INTERNATIONAL organizations around the world and the founder, Dr. Ivan Misner, was called the “Father of Modern Networking”. I not only began to grow my own business, but became a Director consultant with the organization to build more chapters and help other businesses grow.

I now also have a grown daughter, Julianne, who has a career as hair dresser. I guess being a business owner runs in the family. 



The Start of Online Marketing


I was not looking to start an online business. Quite the contrary. After moving my business to Arkansas in 2011, I began to wonder about ‘how to market my business online’.  I was not looking to change careers. I just was looking for information.

As luck would have it, I met Chuck Boulais who introduced me to the world of blogging and network marketing.  I quickly took to blogging and making videos because I loved reaching out and helping other people achieve their dreams.  Starting originally with Empower Network, I grew my online marketing business and under the mentorship of Chuck, I started to brand myself.

Along with Chuck, I also became friends with some of his team: Norm Yap, Steve Dourdil, and Mark Crosby. A couple of years ago, Chuck died suddenly. But I have remained good friends with the team since. We have formed a long distance friendship that I count on and reach out to in order to bounce ideas. They always steer me in the right direction and are not afraid to give me their honest opinions and share tools that they have found to help promote our businesses’.

Then days before New Years’ Eve 2014 I met Ari Maccabi.  He was about to relaunch Black Ops Marketing after giving it an overhaul.  With the combination of Ari’s additional mentorship, and with the vast amounts of advanced online marketing training within Black Ops, I rapidly expanded my online business.

I also paid for a lot of additional training and mentoring to help continually improve my skills.  I now have a complete package, from tons of training material to tools, I can offer you if you give me the opportunity to be your mentor.

What I Bring To The Table

Over the years, I’ve gained a LOT of experience that I now use to help my consulting clients with:

  • BS in Recreation/Education/Music
  • MS Education Administration
  • Director Consultant for BNI
  • 14 years owner operator of The Bug Lady Pest Control
  • 4+ Years Internet Marketing Experience
  • expert at SEO (search engine optimization)
  • master at social media marketing
  • created a unique system for very effectively getting clients/customers for clients using internet marketing techniques
  • high tech software development team
  • software manual writing
  • leader board with network marketing for an extended period of time

By the way, if you need help in getting traffic to your website (or even designing your website) then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer.

Or use the link below to apply for your “Results in Advance” free consultation and let us get started right away.

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I look forward to an amazing future together.

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